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MODERN RETRO POP - Drum & Vocal Pack
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MODERN RETRO POP - Drum & Vocal Pack

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 MODERN RETRO POP comes with: 


Two different 808 basses - one octave each


  • 21 Claps
  • 8 Crashes
  • 23 Hihats
  • 11 Drum fills
  • 22 Kicks
  • 27 Percussions
  • 11 Rimshots
  • 27 Snares


  • 30 Drumloops from 88-171 bpm
  • 20 Percussion loops from 81-154bpm
  • 36 Top loops from 88-162 bpm

Vocals, sampled in 110bpm:

  • 13 dry samples and fittings
  • 13 FX samples
  • 36 Vocal fills


  • 15 Impacts
  • 4 Noises
  • 8 Riser
  • 16 various FX

44.1kHz / 24bit .wav-Files in Stereo

How to use

Just download the zip file and extract it into your Sample Folder.


This Sample Pack is our first one with all sounds and tools made for one genre. Actually, it consists of many genres, because our biggest inspiration for this library was "The Weeknd": Retro Pop, Dream Pop, RnB, Soul, Jazz, Electro, Old School, 80's synth. All together we come closest naming this pack "MODERN RETRO POP", or do you have another suggestion? Let us know via mail.

Also feel free to contact us for anything you'd like to know, also positive and negative feedback is highly appreciated! Oh - and please send us a demo of your production, we find it extremely interesting to hear what others do with these fantastic sounds :)

The sounds have been processed slightly for you, so you can focus on the creative part. Of course, we want you to still have fun while using, layering, modulating, filtering,... to add nice details to your sound ;)