Ultimate Collection includes all available sample packs:

  • 100 handcrafted unique mono & stereo loops

  • 197 one shot samples, recorded all over the world

  • 18 presets to get you started (Sylenth1 / Serum)

  • 11 MIDI-Melodies for instant inspiration



We love sound.

And that’s why we have been recording, producing, traveling and editing over the past years. We’ve come across aboriginal vibes and instruments, had a few didgeridoo sessions in several places. Some other people showed us how they are building their drums and percussions, their djembés and shaker. There are so many tools and crazy instruments, that have almost been forgotten and are expensive to rent - not even to think of buying.


Now its just the time to think about the next steps, start to grow older and actually use those sounds that we recorded and sorted out precisely. We’d love them to explore the world and merge with your creativity. With buying the Ultimate Schallmaster Collection you are not buying only the whole library. You are contributing to make a dream come true:

Make and record sounds all day and live from it.

Thank you.