About Us





Welcome to our world. In this place we’d really like to show you our highly professional studio, equipped to the roof with fancy stuff. But that’s not the case yet. Our studios don’t look beautiful or fancy, they are full of pizza cartons, empty bottles and other great little and big tools that make unbelievably nice sounds. (We tidied up a bit to at least show you a socially acceptable picture of us)

But there are also a few instruments, many percussion gadgets and of course a small selection of microphone to capture it all in the high bitrates - because its more fun to edit ;)

Over the past years we’ve worked on Design, Art, Games, Soundtracks and Animations. This section is about us:


Maximilian Jasionowski

Co-Founder of Mooneye Studios
Concept Artist & Graphic Designer
Animator, Cinematograph
Music Producer

Daniel Tekieli

Media Technology Engineer B.Sc.
Film-Set: Sound Mixer, Boom Operator
Foley Artist & Sound Designer
Music Producer & Dj