How to load in a new Serum preset pack

  1. Unzip the pack

  2. Open your chosen DAW (we've gone for Logic Pro X in this case) 

  3. Load up Serum in a new instrument track 


    Installing Presets

    1. In Serum, click Menu (top right) then Show Serum Presets folder.

    2. Open the Presets folder - this will open Finder on Mac or File Explorer on Windows.

    3. Create a new folder to store your Noiiz presets, we called this one 'Noiiz Test'

    4. Drag and drop the presets into the folder. You can drag individual .fxp files or whole folders.

    5. In Serum, refresh your Serum presets by selecting MENU > RESCAN FOLDERS ON DISK

    6. You should now be able to access your new Serum presets!


    Note: To remove Serum presets, simply follow step 5 to locate the folder and delete the presets/folders you no longer need. Then refresh.